Rain Jacket for Professional Camcorders

RCS series rain jackets are available for variety types of professional camcorders.
With each camera manufacturers, NIPROS has been confirming which RCS jacket can fit to each camcorder.


RCS series are made with selected materials such as specialized water proof line, and the design can allow operators to see the LCD monitor even under rain condition. (Note : This feature is available only with L size of RCS series.)


Rain jacket for JVC Kenwood

(For GY-HM650/600)
(For GY-HM200)
(For GY-LS300CH)
(For GY-HMQ10)

Rain jacket for Canon

(For XF305)
(For XF205)
(For XF105)
(For XA35/XA25)
(For XF405)

Rain jacket for Panasonic

(For UX series)
(For AG-HPX250/AC160/160A/130/130A)
(For AG-DVX200)
(For AJ-PX270)
(For AG-HVX205/HPX175/HMC155,DVX-100/100A)
(For AG-AC90/90A)
(For shoulder type camera)

Rain jacket for SONY

(For shoulder type camera)
(For PXW-X200/X180/X160/PMW-200)
(For PXW-FS5)
(For PMW-300K1/K2)
(For PXW-FS7)
(For PXW-Z100)
(For PXW-X70/HVR-A1J/HXR-NX70J/30J)
(For PMW-100)
(For PMW-160)
(For PMW-EX1/1R)
(For PMW-EX3)Note. You can use it even if you wear ST – 7. When using only PMW – EX 3, there is room on the back of the cover.
(For HVR-Z7J)
(For DSR-PD150/170)
(For HVR-V1J)