Professional HD ULTRA O-LED view finder / monitor for location video filming

It can display the swing of the pendulum of a metronome without delaying with ULTRA O-LED®.

After transmitting with Sony PDW-F700 and new Optic conversion system NX-4, film the swing of the pendulum of a metronome with a camera and connect SDI OUT of the camera to HDF-EL800 to film the display.
*The image is not a composite photograph.


Multifunctional ULTRA O-LED which can be used as a viewfinder or a monitor®

There are many styles for filming like 8K, 4K, and HD.
This ULTRA O-LED HDF-EL800 performed well in combination with shoulder camera or handheld camera to say nothing of the system using box type lens.


Clear peaking functions to be in clear focus and prevent being out of focus.
In 4K video filming, you can know if it focus clearly than viewing monitor with 4K resolution.


It has a high color gamut and is necessary for movie filming, drama filming, commercial filming, location in field, and studio filming.


Zebra pattern, which can easy focus even an overexposure part, equipped.


A patented TC Tally cable can display Tally.

TC Tally (Patented) function equipped. The lamp is ON when camera is recording on REC-RUN mode.


The Tally function is available when VTR starts if only camera is on REC-RUN mode with cable for video.
Only one HD-SDI cable can display Tally without annoying tally cable connection.


Viewfinder adjusting display function (Patented)

The greatest feature of O-LED HDF-EL800 is enhancement of the function as a viewfinder.


One of the feature is adjusting function of PEAKING in addition to BRIGHT/CONTRAST.
The function is very important because more accurate focus technique is required in 4K video filming location in addition to HD production site.

At the time of each setting, pressing operation button on front panel would turn LED on, and enables cameraman to adjust arbitrary.
The level can be restored to original setting by one-push action even after setting change with bar graph and number (Patent obtained).
Use state can be reproduced with own number even after other cameramans using it.


It is very convenient as a normal monitor.
And also suitable for focus check after recording and as a monitor in outside broadcast van.


Supporting for various input signals

The signals like HD/SD-SDI signal, RGB signal, analog HD component signal, component signal, composite signal, and HDMI signal can be monitored with high definition.


It supports 3G-SDI and HDMI input (except for some formats which have conversion function to SDI output) to confirm video images from various source in filming location.
It can be used in any locations as a viewfinder of camera, an image confirming monitor of switcher, and a monitor for location.


Audio meter QUAD/DUAL display

In simultaneous display with image and audio meter, it supports QUAD/DUAL display.
It can confirm a maximum of 16CH meter virtually without overlapping the image.


High-end zebra pattern setting

Zebra pattern ON/OFF is possible.
It displays UNDERZEBRA which monitors underexposure parts in addition to normal ZEBRA.


There are 2 display method, ZEBRA and FILL.
It can display ZEBRA in editing operation, being mounted in broadcast van, or any connections because the viewfinder has ZEBRA function, though most viewfinders can display ZEBRA only if it is dedicated to the camera.


HD-SDI input error display function

It equipped error counter of HD-SDI.
The number of errors which occurred because of the troubles of cables in system construction and the troubles of devices being connected can be measured.


The mesurement display mode on the monitor can be AUTO display only when error appearing, in addition to ON/OFF display constantly of error counting.


Return switch on patented zoom remote controller can switch Camera/Return image

By connecting a separately sold zoom remote controller AS-1/A to HDF-EL800, HD-SDI signal from camera and return HD-SDI signal from switcher can be confirmed by turns with return button on zoom remote controller.(PAT)


The function which is completely different with other small monitors is that any cameras can return video switching like studio cameras.


①Camera HD-SDI image
②Zoom remote controller
③Return images of switcher etc.
④Zoom lens – relay remote controller cable


Pro 20pin zoom remote controller type

Canon Zoom remote controller for broadcast ZSD-300D can be inserted in viewfinder directly and confirm return image by pushing return botton in back of the ZSD-300D.


The view finder has two connectors and it enables to zoom by using a separately sold cable ASC-2.


Convenient PinP function

HDF-EL800 has Picture in Picture function which display return image as a sub screen on the camera image, which enables us confirm return image all times in camera filming.


It can display return image all times when being pressed return button in ultra-telescopic video filming situation like recording sports or stages and in video filming with box type lens.


It realized Picture in Picture of disparate formats.


Markers which improve the visibility

There are 10 types of markers and settable 3 types of user markers.
The line thickness is settable in 3 types of type1(thin), type2(medium thickness) and type3(thick).
The line type is selectable from gray, harftone and white.



For specifications, refer to the specification sheet.





Note. Features, design and specifications are subject to change without notice.