Rack mount monitor line-up

Vectorscope / Waveform (Measuring apparatus function)

It can monitor color difference signal in real-time.
It can set display size, position, and translucent/opaque for convenient monitoring for user.


In addition, it can observe white balance set up of camera and specific color like skin color.
It can store the function in function key in the front part.


Brightness (overexposure/underexposure) display in real time

It can observe brightness level of the video in real time by wave monitor function.
Also, it can display warning of overexposure and underexposure.


High-level color reproducibility

White balance adjustment in video filming is essential for color expression.
DMD series are designed to uniform color reproducibility of each monitors to reproduce correct color by adopting high precision automatic control system in final adjustment at the time of shipment from the factory.


It realizes precise standard gamma curve.


Warning level display with ZEBRA is possible

ZEBRA display is possible.
It can display level warning of upper and lower limits for brightness and color component by clip guide function.

In addition, the user can set the value.
It can display overexposure accurately.
For example, when it is set upper limit to 85IRE and lower limit to 10IRE of clip guide brightness, it display the parts which is above or below the set value with Red ZEBRA./p>

Embedded audio monitor function

It can monitor HD-SDI Embedded audio.
It can monitor according to circumstances even if the standard differs with countries.
It displays 64 levels of 16 channels in real time.

Since it monitors embedded audio in real time, the occurrence that the PEAK HOLD value seems to be higher than average is prevented.

Alarm is displayable in numeric character.
PEAK HOLD(the function which maintains the Peak value momentarily) display is possible by setting.
When a failure occurs in audio channel, the channel number of failure site is displayed in red color to promptly discriminate an abnormality.


Main features

  • 19 inch EIA rack mount
  • Support 3G-SDI input (HDM-4400)
  • Support HD-SDI/SD-SDI input
  • Support HD component input (Optional)
  • High resolution (800×480) display
  • Vectorscope/Waveform (Measuring apparatus function)
  • Embedded audio monitor function
  • Tally display
  • HD-SDI output (throughout image)
  • 24P input
  • ZEBRA display (clip guide)
  • Time code (VITC/LTC) display
  • H/V DELAY function
  • Aspect ratio switchable
  • Marker display
  • Menu display on the screen
  • Key lock function
  • 3.5φ Headphone jack in front and behind
  • Support DC12V input
  • AC Adaptor



For specifications, refer to the specification sheet.


Specifications:PDF 290KB Instruction manual:PDF 1.4MB  


Specifications:PDF 305KB Instruction manual:PDF 1.5MB  


Specifications:PDF 280KB Instruction manual:PDF 1.2MB